Post-Operative Irrigation

A monoject syringe has been provided to assist you in home care after dental extractions.

Please do not begin to irrigate the extraction sockets until the FIFTH day after your procedure unless otherwise directed by your doctor.

Rinse the extraction sites with warm saltwater or half-strength mouthwash and water.  To make a saltwater solution, use 1/2 teaspoon of salt in 8oz of warm water.

It is important to irrigate the lower extraction sockets at least TWICE a day.  You may irrigate more often, but the most important time is just before going to bed.

Irriagation of extraction sockets in the bottom jaw will help reduce the amount of food debris that collects in them.

When irrigating the extraction sites, place the tip of the plastic syringe just inside the top of the gum surrounding the extraction socket.  Gently irriage the area to flush out any food debris that has collected.  It may take two or three syringe-fulls to thoroughly clean the area.

The above procedures should be performed until you are no longer able to see a hole or are able to get the syringe into the extraction socket.  This usually takes 10-20 days for the holes to completely disappear.

If you have any difficulties, please call for an appointment.  There will be no additional charge.