Post-Op Instructions

Day of Surgery:

                  1.  DO NOT SMOKE FOR 2-3 DAYS FOLLOWING SURGERY!

                  2.  Gauze packs have been placed over the surgical sites.  Continue to bite on the gauze for at least ONE hour.  Try not to change the gauze frequently as this may cause continued bleeding.  You have been given additional gauze to use if needed.


                  3.  Apply ice packs directly to the outside of both cheeks.  Ice is most usefull to decrease swelling during the first 24 hours following surgery.  You may rotate use, 3 minuteson, 15 minutes off.


                   4.  Rest as soon as you get home.  It may be helpful to keep your head elevated for the first 24 hours.  (Sleep on an extra pillow if necessary).


                  5.  After the first hour, remove the gauze packs.  A small amount of oozing from the surgical area is normal,  and may persist until bedtime that night.  Replace gauze packs as needed.


                  6.  You may begin eating/drinking as desired.  Drink lots of fluids.  Please DO NOT use straws for 2-3 days.


                  7.  Begin taking pain medication before all numbness goes away.  Most narcotics can cause nausea when taken on an empty stomach.  Be sure to eat something PRIOR to taking pain medicine.  You may take ibupofen with your narcotic for added relief.  DO NOT DRIVE A VEHICLE WHILE TAKING PAIN MEDICATION.


                  8.  Refrain from strenuous physical activity for 2-3 days.


                  9.  IF you were given a prescription for antibiotics take as directed on the bottle until all is gone.


Day After Surgery:


                  1.  You may continue to use ice packs today.


                  2.  Keep head elvated today.


                  3.  Drink lots of fluids and increase your food intake today.


                  4.  Begin rinsing with saltwater 3-4 times a day to help healing of the surgical site.


                  5.  Brush your teeth at least 3 times a day.  It is important to keep your mouth clean.


Third Day and Beyond:


                  1.  Discontinue ice packs after today.


                  2.  Tomorrow, you may begin moist heat compresses to both cheeks to reduce swelling.


                  3.  Continue salt-water rinses until sutures dissolve.


                  4.  The third day is usually the peak for swelling and discomfort.


NOTICE:    It is normal to have pain, swelling and bleeding following surgery.  The severity of each of these depends mostly on the patient.  Sutures (stitches) may begin to dissolve as early as 48 hours following surgery and may remain as long as 1 days.

Return if directed for your follow-up appointment or call the office if problems or questions arise before that time.